The Engineering and Entrepreneurship course at my school has provided me with a comprehensive set of skills including Arduino programming, 3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling, and product pitching. To showcase my proficiency in these areas, I sought a project that would challenge me. I discovered a teacher who also happened to be a swim instructor at a swim club in Westchester county. Through numerous discussions, we decided to work on a new swim paddle design that would provide greater control to the swimmer.

Initially, I designed the fins to be attached to the bottom of the paddle but soon realized that they were hindering the swimmer’s movements by blocking water flow. To address this issue, I utilized my CAD modeling skills and made the fins hydrodynamic by sharpening their edges to allow smooth water flow. This breakthrough was a significant step forward in the project, and I gained a better understanding of how water interacts with 3D models.

However, this was not enough as we wanted the swimmer to have even greater control by cupping their hands. To achieve this, the top surface of the paddle needed to be thinner but without creating the same issue as before. I went back to the CAD model and designed a solution that would enable the top surface to be thicker at the rear and taper to a thinner layer towards the front. This was challenging to implement in Fusion 360, the software I used, but after hours of work, I succeeded in creating a flexible surface that provided the desired control.

The Swim Fin I designed and developed is now used by the swim instructors at the swim club. This project was an excellent opportunity for me to develop skills in problem-solving, innovation, technical skills, and CAD modeling. Moreover, it taught me the value of collaboration, as I worked closely with my teacher to complete the project, enhancing my teamwork skills.

In conclusion, this project was a valuable learning experience for me, and I am currently gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of teamwork and the patent process. I am now more aware of the critical role working with others does in inventing and commercializing innovations

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