The Mentor Project Hackathon

Our hackathon teams are comprised of bright students paired with expert mentors from a variety of fields. They tackle real world problems in relevant areas of interest.

The Mentor Project  teams have completed several hackathons already and are preparing to take on many new challenges in the coming months!

The Fall 2022 Hackathon is Complete! Meet Our Winners!

Savvas Papaioannou and Saranya Nethikunta
Topic: Antibiotic Resistance

Topic: School Shooting Mitigation

Bautista Piuma
Topic: Space Pollution

About Our Hackathon

Solve Real Problems

You have the chance to hack real problems from around the world with teams made up of teenagers from other countries with the same curiosities and interests as you.

Present Your Ideas

Each team will present their ideas in video format and the winning team will work with the companies and mentors that proposed the challenge and be eligible for other great prizes.

Access to Mentors

Mentors will assist you in answering your questions, and even coach you in improving your hackathon submission.

Hackathon Categories

Cybersecurity Privacy

Consider the privacy risk of smartphone apps and data harvesting

Antibiotic Resistance

Consider this global threat from a public health perspective

Space Pollution

Consider the impact of space commercial resulting in space pollution

Consider environmental sustainability involving water or recycling 

Create Your Own Challenge

Consider a topic of your own and define your own limits

Thanks to this work I had the opportunity to dialogue and exchange ideas with students and mentors from abroad, which with their experience, we were able to successfully complete our assignment. [..] My team and I took part of the area related to public health, so owing to the organizers of the Hackathon our ideas may some day become a reality. I am very grateful for the possibility of participating in this event.
14 years old
"At the beginning of the hackathon I was very nervous, I did not know what I had to do, or who I was going to be with, but as time went by These doubts were cleared, and I became part of an incredible team, with which we got along incredibly well and developed the idea in an excellent way. Time passed, and this incredible hackathon came to an end, my doubts and uncertainties were gone, but I gained enriching experiences and moments with excellent people."
14 years old
"This was my first hackathon and I honestly I can say I do not regret it! It was a great experience which taught everyone to work with deadlines and as a team with people from all over the world. The Mentor Project was truly dedicated to help us with our projects and solve our problems. Not only did I get to meet so many cool people I gained personal knowledge that will definitely be important for the future."
15 years old

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