Research Group

The Research Group serves as research experts to The Mentor Project™ leadership, mentors, and mentees for issues of research design, conduct, ethics, and publication. The Research Group aims to increase the evidence base for mentoring activities and promote evidence-based practices for mentoring within The Mentor Project™ and beyond.

Engaging mentees in research

  • Weekly meetings
  • Helping develop research questions
  • Reviewing abstracts and full manuscripts for study inclusion
  • Data extraction
  • Helping to develop themes from extracted data
  • Creating tables and contributing to manuscript writing

Submitted Works

Wisdom, J.P., Morrow, C.D., & Heiser, D. (2024). The Mentor Project Research Department: Collaborative Development of Best Practices [Manuscript submitted for peer review]

Stone, S., Morrow, C.D., & Wisdom, J.P. (2024). Mentors’ perspectives on training and on-boarding prior to mentoring [Manuscript submitted for peer review]

Wisdom JP, Morrow CD, Greene J, Stone S, Domsky S, Heiser D. (under review). Perspectives of Mentors on Mentoring: Benefits and Challenges. Manuscript under review.

Current Research Department Activities: Systematic Review

The research group meets once a week on Zoom. Mentees are learning how to conduct systematic reviews. The papers that come from these reviews are submitted to journals and conferences. We currently have 2 papers that have been accepted for Peer Review at the UNM Mentoring Institute 2024 Conference. Dr. Jennifer Wisdom, the Director of the Research Group, is the Mentor of Year 2024. The two high school mentees involved are our Mentees of the Year 2024


  • Using standard systematic review methods and with assistance of a research librarian, conduct a literature search to identify relevant abstracts (N=>3,000)
  • Review abstracts then articles to identify articles that meet inclusion criteria
  • Extract then analyze data to develop thematic description of the practice of mentoring and address research questions

Project Goals

  • Project Goals
    Clearer understanding of scope of current research on mentoring that can provide guidance for The Mentor Project™
  • Mentoring students
    Four scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals

Research Questions

  • What motivates people to become mentors?
  • What are the mentors’ experiences of mentoring?
  • What do mentors actually do during mentoring?
  • What are benefits and challenges of mentoring to the mentor?


Dr. Cynthia Drake Morrow

Cynthia is a health services researcher and writer. She works as a methodologist in private industry in real world evidence analytics, health economics outcomes research (HEOR), and evidence synthesis. She holds a PhD in health services research from the Colorado School of Public Health and a Master’s of Arts in Bioethics from Emory University. Cynthia lives in Northern Michigan.

Dr. Jennifer Wisdom


Jennifer is a licensed and board-certified psychologist who now is an author, consultant, and speaker. She has worked with complex health care, government, and educational environments for 25 years, including serving in the U.S. military, working with non-profit service delivery programs, and as faculty in higher education. She works with nonprofit agencies, research institutions, and universities to help streamline healthcare services and demystify the grant proposal process.

Recent clients include National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the Veterans Health Administration, University of California Los Angeles, and Columbia University. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and a Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. She is an intrepid adventurer based in New York City and Portland, Oregon.

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