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The Mentor Project passes the torch of knowledge, innovation, culture, values, and inspiration to from the most accomplished and brightest experts to future generations. In so doing, not only do we change ourselves when we mentor, we change the lives of mentees as we also change the world.

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Become a Mentee

A Mentee for The Mentor Project is an individual seeking guidance, support, and mentorship in a specific area of personal or professional development, provided by experienced mentors who volunteer their time and expertise to help the mentee achieve their goals and aspirations. connects mentees with suitable mentors to foster learning, growth, and skill development.

Meet Our Mentors

From scientists to authors, lawyers to engineers, The Mentor Project has attracted the brightest minds and biggest hearts.

Our Impact

The number of minds TMP touched and enriched through our mentors keeps growing, as does our offering of programs and resources.

Donate and Sponsor

Whether you sponsor a school, a program, or send a one-time donation, every dollar makes a difference in our ability to reach our goal to mentor students world-wide.

BringThe Mentor Projectto Your Community

One-on-One Mentoring
Students receive mentorship tailored to help them achieve their specific goal and dreams

Leadership Courses
TMP courses designed to foster the growth of tomorrow’s leaders

TMP hackathons connect kids from around the world and encourage them to work together to solve a problem

Fireside Chats
Host a fireside chat either virtually or in person for a select group of students on a specific topic

Speed Mentoring for Students
Provide the opportunity for students to learn from experts, ask questions and receive direction on how to turn ideas into reality

Mentor Keynote Leadership Talk
Our expert mentors give a talk at your school, event, or meeting

Facility Tours
Tour labs, studios, commercial spaces, schools, and industry facilities with a select group of mentees to inspire their creative thinking

Upcoming Events

February 2023

TEDx Irvington

Check out this TEDx Event organized and presented by TMP mentors and Staff! It was AMAZING!

Chalk Out Gathering - Hesh Halper's World of Hearts

"A heart makes you feel good when you’re not feeling good, and a heart makes you feel great when you’re feeling great."

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