Mentor Appreciation Weekend: June 28-30th, 2024

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The Mentor Project passes the torch of knowledge, innovation, culture, values, and inspiration from the most accomplished and brightest experts to future generations. In so doing, not only do we change ourselves when we mentor, we change the lives of mentees as we also change the world.

Must be a student (k-grad school) at the time of application to be a mentee.

Become a Mentee

Mentors share their expertise and experiences to shape the future of their mentee. Mentors give back to others through knowledge sharing, building relationships, and offering learning opportunities. 

If you are interested in connecting with a mentor, you’ve come to the right place!

Must be a student (k-grad school) at the time of application to be a mentee.

Innovation Lab

The Mentor Project Innovation Lab is calling out to all aspiring innovators like you to join us in an exciting journey of creation and discovery. Get ready to work virtually alongside industry-leading professionals, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who have successfully transformed their ideas into groundbreaking inventions and thriving businesses. Imagine the invaluable knowledge, expertise, and guidance they can provide to help shape your innovative ideas into reality.

Research Group

The Research Group is dedicated to teaching students how to conduct research. Currently, the focus is on systematic review.

TMP: Tanzania

Mentor Justin Thompson visits New Tina’s school in Shirati to teach and mentor Art and Emotions. It helps the students to understand the emotional impact of art that they create and encounter throughout their lives.

Through art, the students become more aware of emotions in their friends and others they encounter every day and learn to initiate better communication. 

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