Marilyn Price

Marilyn Price is a nationally known puppeteer, storyteller and educator who has been telling and teaching for over forty years.  Her uniquely handcrafted characters convey an enthusiasm for the spirit of her stories to all of her audiences both young and less young.  Her repertoire includes a wide variety of programs for all sorts of audiences and specializes in imagination stretching and stories that teach.

Over the years Marilyn and her puppets have traveled to every corner of the United States using original scripts and stories fitted to her characters and style.  Her choice of materials – she makes all her puppets – reflects her impish sense of humor as nerf balls, feather dusters, toilet paper tubes and baby sleepers come to life with her touch.

Marilyn has taught and performed across the country to children and educators, librarians, parents, professional puppeteers and storytellers and clergy.   She has been the author of a bi-monthly feature on puppetry for Shofar Magazine, a series of articles on Jewish home life for the Reconstructionist Magazine and in spring of ’96 released a book Puppets in English and Spanish for Celebration Press (an imprint of Scott Foresmen) that featured her puppet creations.  One of her original tales “Grandma’s Challah” can be found in Chosen Tales: Stories told by Jewish Storytellers (ed. Peninnah Schramm). It has been effectively converted to a children’s book entitled “Grandma’s Cookies”and is available on Amazon as well as Torah Aura Press.  Also released from Torah Aura Press is “Marilyn Price and Friends Present the Alphabet from Alef to Tav” featuring a different puppet creation for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet including the vowels (Torah Aura Press).

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