Marco Ciappelli

I am Marco Ciappelli, a co-founder of the  ITSPmagazine Podcast Network. I am also a Creative Director, Branding & Marketing Advisor, Personal Branding Consultant, Podcast Host, Storyteller, and Mentor…

My academic journey made me a Doctor in Political Science with a Specialization in Sociology of Communication at the University of Florence Cesare Alfieri. My professional wandering started in advertising in the mid-90s and has since branched out into consulting
on branding, advertising, and creative strategies for companies of all sizes, and individuals, across various industries — among others ventures.

I started as a copywriter in traditional advertising during the early 1990s, then moved into digital branding and marketing with the commercial internet's inception. I opened my own Creative Agency in Florence, Italy, around 1996. The evolution of social media
made my projects much more exciting – not only for the new branding and marketing opportunities it created but also for the powerful and direct impact technology began to have on individuals, businesses, and society.

My passion for advertising, studies in Mass Media, Sociology of Communication, Advertising and a professional career as a creative consultant, coupled with my fascination for new emerging technologies, led me to question the changing dynamics of our society.
How are we communicating and interacting with each other, and what are the new ways we build business brands and even our own social identities?

With a clear understanding of technology's sociological and psychological repercussions on our lives and the inevitable connection with information security and data privacy, I realized a platform to share stories “At The Intersection Of Technology, Cybersecurity, and Society” was needed — thus, in 2015 ITSPmagazine was born.

Since then, what started as an Online Publication became a Podcast, and eventually a Podcast Network with many hosts bringing different perspectives and passions from their microphones to a growing and engaged audience worldwide.

Today, my goal with ITSPmagazine and my own Podcast Shows is to educate a large and diverse audience by telling meaningful stories that make people think about the relationship between technology, cybersecurity, and humanity.

Although I have recently found a love for podcasting, my passion for branding, advertising, creativity, and storytelling remains a constant in my life and career. I still enjoy consulting businesses and individuals on these topics.

My Two Podcast at this time are:

Redefining Society | Musing On Technology And Society

Audio Signals | Stories, Storytelling, and Storytellers

You can learn more about me and my podcasts at

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