Javier Francario

My full name is Javier Sabas Francario. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 7th April 1973 and I have lived my whole life in the same area. I am a Science teacher (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), a Mathematician, and a big fan of Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology, Military history and all human devices from a simple screw to a complex space rocket.

After finishing secondary school, I discovered my passion for Science. At the very beginning, it was mainly related to naval activities and it later changed to natural Sciences, more specifically to Meteorology and Geology.

As time went by, I realized that I wanted to transmit all the knowledge that I had obtained so I became a Science teacher but I felt that it was not enough so I become a mentor as well.

Lately, I have done different courses and studies in, for example, Forensic Science, Epidemiology (online version) and Arduino Meteorology and STEAM activities by different organizations along with Globe program, SPACE CAMP FOR EDUCATORS and Instituto de las Americas.

I have also self-studied certain topics associated with glaciers and Geology.

During the last three or four years, I participated in different challenges with my secondary students and I became their mentor in events such as science fairs and international challenges as: Open in space, Moon Mark and now NASA orbital space settlement.

I strongly agree with the motto “it’s better to give than to receive” and that is why I would love to join you.

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