Eric Solomon

Dr. Eric Solomon has carved a niche at the convergence of psychology, branding, technology, and creativity, boasting a 30-year career peppered with high-profile roles. His journey began in academia, where he earned a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, focusing on AI and ML. Transitioning to the business world, Eric led research and strategy for award-winning creative agencies before taking up leadership positions at global giants like YouTube, Spotify, Google, and Instagram. His stint as the CMO for Bonobos, a Walmart-owned DTC e-retailer, further showcases his leadership expertise. Currently, he's at the helm of The Human Operating System, a strategic advisory platform he founded, dedicated to integrating human-centric strategies in business. Discover more about his insights and experiences in his articles and talks at And feel free to ask him about things related to good food and even better music.

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