Avidor Rabinovich

VP Business Development at Tensor Technologies, Israel

My passion is to combine business and technology, turning them into a viable, useful and needed product, rapidly reaching monetization.

For the past few years I have been leading few hi-tech companies in multiple sectors of IoT (Internet-of-things). My greatest ability is to multitask through the business, top-down, and operate it.

I “Speak” multiple languages – Technology, Business development, Marketing, Sales, Finance and operations; and know how to combine and optimize between them.

Love working together with people that are smarter then me and fortunate enough to have such people around me.

I am a great advocate of the Lean and Agile methodology since it sprints, iterates and pivots throughout a product or a business process, therefore generates the best combination between risk and return.

My current status is an independent entrepreneur.

I provide tech and biz consulting services to companies and entrepreneurs.

I teach students at the University technology and business.

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