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Mentorship is a generative activity; by engaging in mentorship, Mentors share their expertise and experiences to shape the future of their mentee. Do you find yourself wanting to give back to others through knowledge sharing, building relationships, and offering learning opportunities, but aren’t sure how to get engaged? Join The Mentor Project as one of our Mentors!

What Is a Mentor?

A Mentor is someone who seeks to offer their experiences to potential mentees in order to guide, shape, and grow others. Mentors give their time and energy at no cost to their mentees to help them flourish as they move through their own life’s journey.

Why Should I Mentor?

Mentorship is a rewarding experience, offering Mentors the opportunity to give back to others and contribute to the next generation. You may be surprised by how your advice and encouragement can impact another person.

How Do I Become a Mentor?

Joining The Mentor Project is simple; the first step is to apply by completing the online form below. Once it is reviewed, someone from The Mentor Project will contact you for a brief conversation. If you are asked to join The Mentor Project, you will then complete some forms and a background check for onboarding, and then you are a part of the Mentor community!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Time Commitment?

There is no standard time commitment, but Mentors are expected to be active participants within The Mentor Project’s activities. Mentors typically spend 1-5 hours a week volunteering with The Mentor Project, whether it’s participating in our weekly Mentor Meetups, speaking on a panel or as part of a conference, or lending your expertise to a Mentor Project initiative. You may also be asked to participate for a number of hours in a specific program; however, all “participation is purely voluntary.

Can I Mentor if I've Never Mentored Before?

Absolutely! While we prefer that you have experience in mentorship, if you have the time, the desire, and are looking for a way to engage in mentorship alongside other high-quality Mentors, you are likely a good candidate to join The Mentor Project.

Are Background Checks Completed for Mentors?

Yes, background checks are required for our Mentors. This ensures that our Mentors have no criminal histories and ensures our partner organizations and mentees that our Mentors are safe to engage with minors.

Do I Have to Mentor In Person?

No. Especially since the onset of COVID-19, we have learned that much of our programming and mentorship can occur in a virtual way! Virtual options have allowed for greater reach to an international community, as our network of Mentors extends around the world.

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