What is The MENTOR Project? January 7, 2018

Mentoring isn't recent. There are heaps of examples from the Bible, it was formally named in Greek mythology (Mentor was a character), and not so long ago the mentoring relationship we now think of was referred to as an apprenticeship. </p>
<p>So, what is the big deal? Well, we at The MENTOR Project, think our greatest resources are being wasted. The brains, knowledge, values and culture of those who've successfully crafted a skill, innovated, are experienced, and who want to give back. We know the benefits of having a mentor, but did you know there are many, many individuals who've paved the way in industry, who have expertise in a variety of disciplines, and they don't know how or where to pass on their wisdom. We also know that the benefits of giving back (as mentors do) are at least as great as the benefits to the mentees. <br>

The MENTOR Project aims to shed light on the benefits of mentorship from the perspective of the mentor, and to bring mentors and mentees together. One way we are doing this is by pairing tech, math, engineer, science and other experts with kids in the classrooms, the community, and online. We believe it is time to capture the great thinkers, leaders, and innovators and harness the opportunities mentorship provides them and the next generation.